1. Each academic year has Two Semesters

2. As per the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) each subject has an external examination

F. Y. B.Sc

1. 6 Units of Science Subjects + 1 Unit of Foundation Course = Total 7 units

1. Foundation Course
2. Chemistry
3. Mathematics
4. Physics
5. Zoology

Select One Combination of the three optional subjects listed below:

1. Physics Chemistry Mathematics PCM
2. Physics Chemistry Botany PCB
3. Chemistry Botany Zoology CBZ
4. Physics Chemistry Zoology PCZ

S. Y. B.Sc

1] 6 Units of Science Subjects + 1 unit of Foundation Course = 7 Units

2] A student shall offer three Units each in any two subjects which were offered at F.Y B.Sc.

3] Select One Combination of the five optional subjects listed below. (which were offered at F.Y B.Sc.)

1. Physics and Chemistry
2. Physics and Mathematics
3. Chemistry and Botany
4. Chemistry and Zoology
5. Botany and Zoology
6. Chemistry and Mathematics
7. Physics and Botany

T. Y. B.Sc

1] A student shall select 4 Units in any one of the Science Subjects offered at S.Y B.Sc

2] Applied Component

1. Electronics Instrumentation (Physics)
2. Computer Programming & systems Analysis (Mathematics)
3. Fishery Biology (Zoology)
4. Drugs and Dyes (Chemistry)
5. Horticulture (Botany)